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by catherineyardley

When everything is fine
I am happy as can be,
But when my sins are confronted
I become so very sulky.

I want to think I am mature,
Ready to listen to correction,
But when the time comes
I run for my protection.

I know how I should react
When truth is brought to light,
But the same old me
Is running around in fright.

Ready to tell others how to do it,
Filled with words so wise,
When the stress is hitting me
I want to close my eyes.

What's the answer to this problem,
What is hindering me,
From being all that God
Has meant for me to be?

Lord, correct my thinking
For I know it all starts in my head.
Clear my thoughts so I can hear
As I lay in sadness on my bed.

My heart will follow as I accept
All that you have to say
About my state of mind
And where I've gone wrong today.

From the correction of my thinking,
To the following of my emotion,
I will find your peace
As I make amends for my commotion.

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