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I Owe My Love to Mother

by Audrey Andrews

My mother taught me how to pray
when I was very young
she taught me how to love and give
I remember the songs we sung.

Jesus loves me this I know
and from her bible she would read,
she always seemed to find the time
to pray for those in need!

Because of mothers tender love
her prayers and her faith
I found a friend in Jesus
now He's in my heart to stay.

He leads me through the storms of life
and dark clouds He rolls away
it's all because of mother's love
when she taught me how to pray!

I owe my love to mother
she was always there for me
through trials and temptations
she get on a bended knee;

Her faith and trust was in the Lord
for her family she would pray
I could always count on Mothers love
and the One who Lights the way!

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