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A Miracle Ride

by Margaret Cagle

Two sisters wanted to go to the mall.
Dad said, "Go, but don't stay late.
You know, there's much crime going on,
So just try to come home before eight.

The two sisters shopped and shopped,
Unaware of the passing of time.
When the mall closed, they were afraid,
Considering the big wave of crime.

They looked out and saw that their car
Was the last one in that parking lot.
They ran to the car very quickly,
But alone? No, they certainly were not.

Behind them there ran two evil men.
"You're not going anywhere!" one yelled.
They jumped in the car and locked it.
They tried to start the car, but failed.

The two men banged on the car windows,
And they pulled the door handles too.
The sisters held hands, and they prayed.
Then the car engine started like new.

One sister quickly drove to their home.
She drove as fast as she could speed.
Into the garage, she drove that car
And locked the garage quickly, indeed.

Their dad was waiting inside for them.
Into his waiting arms, they quickly ran.
"I have been praying for you girls!
I have really been a worried man!"

They told their dad the whole story.
He said, "I will check under the hood
To find out why the car didn't start
The first time the way it should."

When their dad checked under the hood,
He began to shake and nod his head.
"There is no sign of a battery here!
Angels brought you home!" he said.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.