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The Blessing of John 3:16

by Kevin Smead © 2019

If you’re feeling unloved, turn to John 3:16.
Behold how love jumps from the page.
God gave His Son, what else could this mean?
He loves humankind in each age.

If your feeling unworthy, just know it is grace,
God looked not for good in your soul.
The gift in this verse we must not try to trace,
To our own spotless record or scroll.

So you don’t have the works, yet truth is the same:
Salvation comes to those believing.
Christ took your place, your sin and your shame.
Now all that is left is receiving.

If your heart cries out, “Is believing enough?”
The words of the text you should cherish.
It says that you don’t need your own righteous stuff,
It’s the believing ones that will not perish.

When your doubts grow strong, “Could he really mean me?”
Remember He said “whosoever.”
If your spirit is heavy this verse just may be
A fulcrum, and faith is its lever.

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