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Be Still- My Father's Lullaby

by Danette Kettwich

Be still as I brush past you in this breeze
Be still I speak as wind passes through the trees.
Be still as your eyes meet my gaze
My touch is as calm as the ocean waves.
Hear my voice calling out your name.
Listen as creation speaks my fame.
Breathe in the splendor of the One
Who gave for you His one and only Son.
Meet me in stillness and let it all just go;
Disappointments in this life that you know.
I will carry those burdens that you see
All you have to do is ask that of Me.
Your knees may bring you closer to the floor
But they also bring you closer to heaven's door.
Be still, be still, my child please, be still.
Only then can you catch a glimpse of My perfect will.
Be still.

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