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Touched By An Angel

by Audrey Andrews

She was touched by an angel
when God called her home.
she wanted to stay with loved ones
But, God claimed her for His own!

Though she's left this world behind her
she's happy now you see
No more pain, no more suffering
she's home at last and free.

She was touched by an angel
with ever-lasting love
When God wrapped His arms around her
He sent angels from above.

He knew that she was ready
Her heart belonged to Him
And with His Grace and Mercy
He said, "My child please enter in".

She had prayed for all her family
So precious in her eyes.
She prayed that they would find the way
To eternal life!

Though she has gone to heaven
God heard her every prayer
She was a faithful servant
Her faith in God she shared.

Now precious memories linger on
And our loved one we will miss
But soon we'll be together
In that land of Heavenly Bliss!

Yes, she was touched by an angel
sent from heaven above
when God wrapped His arms around her
He sent Eternal Love.

He gave her peace and victory
Put a Smile upon her face;
And now she's resting peacefully
Forever-more to praise!

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