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Quiet Time

by Earl Moore

If you find studying the Word and praying is going no where,
Maybe you need more time spent in God's precious care,
Quiet time to study and pray to seek out God's will,
And closely listen to Him when all is so still.

So then in the early morning start your day off right,
Falling down on your knees and seeking God's light,
Prayerfully seeking a place to reach complete submission,
And that God will forgive all sins with total remission.

Your day will have started in the right place,
Talking with the holy God down on your face,
Praying for forgiveness and making the case,
For the moving of the Spirit and God's holy grace,

Then pray for your family and pray for your friends,
And especially lift up all our leaders and politicians,
The church staff and pastor have special appeal,
And all of our community's sick are ready to heal.

Then the wind of the Holy Spirit softly moves,
Whispering in a soft sweet voice that soothes,
All of your precious prayers will soon be relieved
God will grant your wishes because you have believed.

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