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Seeing Through The Darkest Times

by Todd Fletcher

My life is like a bobber, it goes up and down
Sometimes I lose myself and other times I'm found
washed to the shore like a dead piece of wood
once drifting upon the waters of a life I thought was good

My head, sometimes it gets cluttered with dark thoughts
I'm blind to the truth that was set deep in our hearts
My eyes no longer see that cross of redemption
I fail to go to church, and His name I don't even mention

He still sees me through these hard times
facing these challenges of mine
I know His hands will always catch my fall
He's only a prayer away, if needed I call

I'm seeing through the darkest times
I know you help me build my rhymes
I was created in the likeness of your design
I ask for you to let your light shine

Nothing is impossible with you
everything in my life you will see through
I can do all things through Him
now my life doesn't look so dim

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