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You Know Me Like No Other

by Pernell Rodocker © 2011

There is a place where no one can go, yet you have met me there.
You have lifted me and loved me when no one else would dare.
I was lost deep with in the baggage of my burdened life,
Falling, failing trudging along in this deafening strife.

Still you touched me in my need, my heart and saddened soul did weep.
You nurtured, loved, and stayed with me, my brokenness you did keep.

When the day is torn and a mess my life seems,
In your arms gently I fall, with all my dreams.
You caress my aches and warm the cold in me,
You tell me all will be well and trust in thee.

Though you are so far away yet in my soul I find you,
I see a work glowing and growing, happiness a new.
I long to be in your presence each day where I must be.
And you wait for me with longing hoping that I see.

You want me to see that more than this you love me,
To give your life willingly so I can be free.
Free to love and free to give just the same to you,
Make my life a greater gift that's what I will do.

You have touched me forever and changed my very heart,
I know that you'll always be mine we shall never part.
It seems that your presence at times is so far away,
That is when my heart it does cry, for that future day.

A day that will bring us together forever and always…

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