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I'm Still Standing

by bbygrl

The enemy is seeking, whom he may devour;
Trying to fool God's people, rob them of their power.
But not me devil, My father's the king;
Though you may try, you can't stop me.

You may talk about me, scandalize my name;
Tell me I'm nothing, try and make me feel ashamed.
But I'm still standing, straight and tall;
I'm on God's side now, I'm giving Him my all.

You may trip me up, cause me to fall;
But I'll rise, yet standing tall.

You may cause sickness, you may cause pain;
You may cause trials, to shower down like rain.
You may make my way look dim, though you slay me;
Yet will I trust Him.

You may cause misery, worry, and strife;
Yet I'll stand, giving God my life.
You may cause loneliness, heartache, and sadness;
You may contribute to this world's madness.
You may make me feel like I'm in the devil's fold;
But when you try me, I shall come forth as pure gold.

You may try to kill, steal, and destroy;
Rob God's people, strip them of their joy.
But not me devil, I'm a child of the King.
Because God is my Father, I can have anything.

Try as you may, you won't win;
I won't let you, 'Cause I Got strength from within.

So listen here devil, you didn't accomplish a thing.
You can't touch me, 'Cause I'm a child of the KING!!!

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