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Tongues Of Fire

by Robert LaBarge © 2017

What sounded like a roaring wind
shook the room they gathered in
imagine shock and great surprise
when tongues of fire was their prize

They now proclaimed His glory loud
which drew a large and boisterous crowd
amazed that they could understand
God praised in language from their land

They wondered what those had consumed
at 9 A.M. throughout that room
so Peter stood to set them straight
a gospel story to relate

About the Man they crucified
who paid for all the day He died
then rose to conquer death and sin
appeared to many and their kin

Those hearts were pierced like right away
three thousand added just that day
and many more would follow soon
thanks to the fire in that room

Now if there is a lesson here
please hear my plead which is sincere
the Spirit moves in power still
when we find worshiping a thrill

Then boys and girls will prophesy
old men dream dreams before they die
the young see visions that are clear
both slave and free will be drawn near

A people renewed by tongues of flame
will shake a church that had it tame
and we'll proclaim Jesus is Lord
when greater works have been restored

This poem won second place for the April 2017 poetry contest

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Book by Robert LaBarge

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