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Multitasking Mothers

by Margaret Cagle

The day of a good mother
Is spent as busy as a bee.
It seems that multitasking
Has become her specialty.

Some are spiritual advisors,
Teaching children to pray.
They tell them Bible stories
As they train them every day.

Some are doctors and nurses,
Treating sickness of every kind.
Some are even psychologists,
Learning to read a child's mind.

Some are very good coaches,
Urging the child to do his best.
Some moms have to be referees as
Sibling rivalry is put to the test.

Chief cook and bottle washer,
Yes, Mom can do so very much.
She's a maid who does the laundry
With that special personal touch.

She helps the child with homework.
Mom seems to be a great teacher.
She sermonizes when one is bad.
She even acts like a preacher.

Seamstess is also another title
That many mothers can take.
She can also be called a baker
For all the goodies she can bake.

Mom can be called a taxi driver.
She chauffeurs kids here and there.
She can be called a beautician,
For she styles her children's hair.

There are many other special tasks
That those good, busy mothers do,
All her actions can really say,
"My dear child, how I love you!"

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