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My One Christmas Wish

by Debra Brent © 2019

In the still of the dark
Not too long fore daybreak,
I climb down from the bed
Stretch and yawn to awake.

Then tiptoe down our stairs
Hold my breath with each creak,
Pray the kitchen will hold
That of whom I do seek.

As I make my way in
Dad looks up with a smile,
I jump onto his lap
If for but a small while.

He picks up reading specs
I reach out for The Book,
Snuggled up against him
My favorite reading nook.

We dive into Your word
As I listen intent,
To the joy in his voice
A sound from Heaven sent.

It's on this blessed morn
What lay under the tree,
Will play second fiddle
To our time spent with Thee.

For my one Christmas wish
Was right now coming true,
To spend time with my dad
Learning more about You.

This poem won first place for the December 2019 poetry contest

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