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My Past and the Cross

by Tebatjo Malaka © 2018

I wish I could undo all my past,
and right all my wrongs. I must
admit I’m only human and feel
the need to--- it is like a zeal.

At times, alone, in my solitude,
my pasts creep in and intrude
my equanimity. I can’t help but
dabble in this guilt-tripping rut!

Aye, if it'd require going to hell
for one day, I will gladly dwell,
perhaps, even more than a day,
if that’ll keep all my past at bay.

O---but then, of course, I recall:
Christ already accomplish’d all
my heart could ever wish for---
all that I might desire and more.

I don’t have to bleed, He bled;
neither die, He died in my stead;
I need not go to hell for a day,---
He gratis went there for me, yay!

See? Right there at the Cross;
blotted out was my past's dross!
He Personally bore my shame,
gave me innocence in His Name.

But, you see, the human in me
often forgets I am indeed free;---
Apostle Paul said I am justified:
I never even did it; I'm justified.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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