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Almighty God Is He

by Paul Zimmerman Jr

Perfection that is God alone
That He is self-sufficient
His love never-ending flows
To His own with no condition

The universe so intricate
God's creation beyond compare
The vast and colorful expanse
Not bound by limits anywhere

God's holiness cannot be matched
He is the First and Last supreme
No other being anywhere
Can contain His name unique

All things everywhere are God's
And all good things are His to give
Be grateful for what you have
And the life He gave you to live

Who in the world knows all
But the God Who's word is true
The Almighty and Omniscient One
Who loves people just like you

Oh the mercies of our God
His compassion never ending
His patience inexhaustible
The care He keeps on sending

So sovereign is our mighty God
Presiding over all things big and small
There should be no reason to deny
He is the Ruler over all

And the judgement that He took
By sending Christ His son
To take away the sins of man
So that we may have not one

Yes God gave us victory
To triumph over sin
With Him we live eternally
Where time will have no end

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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