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The Veteran's Day Parade

by Margaret Cagle

I feel privileged to attend
A yearly Veteran's Day parade.
Veterans should be honored
For the sacrifices they made.

Some of our younger veterans
Of recent wars take part.
In Iraq or in Afghanistan,
Each served from one's heart.

Veterans of the Persian War
Are proudly on display,
For they bravely served,
And they also march today.

Also veterans of Viet Nam
Are riding on a parade float.
I see they're getting older,
With graying hair, I note.

A number of veterans of Korea
Also are riding on display.
They seem weak and elderly.
They served in a brave way.

Then come uniformed veterans
Right from a history book page.
They served us in World War Two.
Now they are really up in age.

I thank God for the veterans,
Who served and did not fail.
They bravely stood for freedom
And served our nation well!

This poem was a finalist in the November 2012 poetry contest

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