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A Mother's Prayer

by Larry D Crawford

A godly mother weeps,
Humbly kneeling there to pray.
With a heart that breaks,
For a child who's gone astray.

Not knowing that tonight,
Her Lord would take her home.
That for twenty years or so,
Her child in sin would roam.

It seems all hope is gone,
That those prayers were in vain.
The prodigal still wanders,
In darkness filled with pain.

But God's hand is not shortened,
No true prayer goes unheard.
That mother claimed His promise,
Written in His word.

His plan it was not finished,
His time would wait untill:
The straying one would reach the end
There to meet His sovereign will.

The shattered life that strayed so far,
Lay broken at the Savior's feet.
That mother's Lord did not ignore,
Her fervent prayer so sweet.

Today up there in heaven,
Near to the throne of grace.
She is smiling at her Saviour,
Saying Thank you face to face

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