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You Can Trust the Bible

by Kevin Smead © 2019

The Bible is the Word of God,
All that is says is right;
It shines into the darkened world,
It gives the blinded sight.

For holy men who wrote of old
Were moved by God’s control,
They birthed His thoughts into the world
By means of sacred scrolls.

All the prophecies prove flawless
In magnificent detail,
Each thing that they have said to us,
Comes true and never fails.

The history is accurate
Unearthed in ancient lands,
It can still convince the skeptics,
Who dare dig in the sand.

It has endured through many years,
Outlawed and sometimes burned,
Though forced out of society
Its truth is still discerned.

Many doctrines are transcendent
Beyond what men could write,
If left to their own devices,
With just their weak insight.

This Book which claims to be from God,
Our Savior verified,
It is then a perfect record.
The truth can’t tell a lie.

You can read and trust the Bible,
And let it be your guide.
Heaven and earth will pass away,
Its truth will still abide.

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