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I Believe

by Debra Brent © 2020

Joy and Happiness the two pillars
We hold at arm's length out of reach,
Unworthiness tangled amid our past sin
Overflowing instead with heart's grief.

Fear leaving one's wish list unopened
Tend to slip into life's comfort zone,
"Take a chance", but a silent whisper
Trounced upon by Satan's undertone.

Yet those dreams up above still keep calling
Which could lead one to think they just might,
Leap head first right into night's darkness
And seek out that of His guiding light.

For within Him, hope lay a beacon
Of all things we still long to achieve,
Cause the devil, he shall be defeated
If we let go, we let God and believe.

This poem was a finalist in the January 2020 poetry contest

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