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Man of all Extremes

by John Janzen © 2019

Before the church a pastor stood
A man of all extremes
Will he like prophet hell-fire preach
Or woo us with his dreams

There’s those who would be comforted
And those who would be spanked
The ones who want a pick-me-up
From wall to wall are flanked

Some brothers want a deeper word
And some the surface scratched
Some sisters would have stories told
While others just the facts

A joke or two for quite a few
Yet some say “keep it straight”
Broad are the preferences of those
Who keep the narrow gate

How is this man to satisfy
The varying demands
And expectations from the ones
Before whom he now stands

A pastor covers every base
At least he ought to try
But truth be told he can’t escape
The criticizing eye

Perhaps it’s crossed a mind or two
My pastor’s not the best
But let me ask, What would you do
To handle each request?

So after church and over lunch
When sermons get reviews
Just put yourself in Pastor’s place
And try to fill his shoes

Be glad that God has gifted men
As pastors now to serve
And if you’ve got a decent one
He’s more than some deserve

This poem was a finalist in the February 2019 poetry contest

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