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Questions for the Rich Man

by Kevin Smead © 2019

There in the pits of hell, O rich man,
What do you now think of time?
Does it appear so trivial still
Or something completely sublime?

What do you think of the Eulogy,
All your accomplishments named?
Does it matter at all that they praised you,
Since God so severely has blamed?

Does your once lovely mansion seem special?
Do your sumptuous meals bring relief?
Do your earthly possessions mean anything,
Now that you’re in anguish and grief?

Would you gladly trade places with Lazarus,
If given life over again?
Would you now in life plead for God’s mercy,
And seek the forgiveness of sin?

Your dreadful pleas to Abraham speak,
And say that you chose the wrong path
That nothing in life is as worthy
As grace that delivers from wrath.

Will your story inspire lost sinners?
Will they learn from your history -pray tell?
Will they hark to the lesson you teach them,
And hear your voice rising from hell?

Their faith, or lack of it, will answer,
Say what will that answer be?.
Will they vainly seek mercy when it is too late
Or humbly now make their plea?

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