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The Missing Peace

by Norman Wagoner

This puzzle's kinda special;
It reminds me of my dad;
It often fills my heart with joy;
sometimes, a little sad

3 times we tried between us;
this puzzle to complete.
We always seemed to struggle;
to find the missing peace.

This gift a lend from dearest friend;
"Here's a good one you can do".
His love of trains helped ease the pains;
"Just return it when your through."

The first try ended sadly;
attempted with my nieces.
"Hey Grandpa, somethings wrong here;
there must be some missing pieces."

Years later, I said boldy;
"Hey dad, lets try this one.".
"I think", he said "we should pass;
there's a missing peace, my son."

With pleading, I convinced him and,
we toiled on without cease.
The memories wind through endless time;
till we struck the missing peace.

We searched with all the strength we had;
down, sideways, high and low.
We searched until we gave up hope,
and had nowhere to go.

Then finally we decided,
to return it to the box.
"But this was fun, don't you think son?"
dad said grinning like a fox…

I picked the box up roughly;
but saw it on the back;
It said, "1 edge piece missing",
and both our mouths fell slack.

With glance we gazed each other,
then broke out laughing strong.
So much time wasted searching;
A peace missing all along.

For weeks we enjoyed more puzzles;
but it soon came to an end.
One morn, Christ called this great man home;
I lost my dad and friend.

My dad had spent a lifetime,
to love and serve the Lord.
He was a true prayer warrior;
and a lover of God's word.

He gave his life to others;
to spread the word of God.
He gave a simple message
everywhere his feet did trod.

Christ is the way, the only way;
Salvation, faith, belief.
When your heart turns to Jesus;
you will find The Missing Peace.

It was just one month later;
I decided once again;
To put this puzzle together
and return it to dad's friend.

It was a family effort;
daughters, sister, nieces too.
My wife and I, with tearful eyes;
applied the final glue.

There still is one piece missing,
I believe it's there to show.
This puzzle's much like all mankind;
reflections of our souls.

Our lives are like this puzzle;
all different shape and size;
And I think God makes every soul,
with a Missing Peace inside.

A Missing Peace you cannot find
by searching high or low.
You cannot get it on your own,
whether smart, or fast, or slow.

The Missing Peace is always there,
and never satisfied.
Until you turn your heart to Christ;
'cause for our sins He died.

Someday I'll join and hug my dad,
far-side of death's release.
We'll smile and know, the truth be told;

This poem won second place for the December 2012 poetry contest

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