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My New Year Prayer ~ 2013

by Deborah Ann Belka

I pray that this New Year,
will ring in God's peace
I pray for a renewal of every heart
that all hatred would cease.

I pray for all the innocent,
and for those who desire to kill
I pray for a longing in every heart
to come to know God's will.

I pray for the helpless people,
and for those who live in sin
I pray for a hunger in every heart
that will let Jesus live within.

I pray for all who are hurting,
and for those who cause the pain
I pray for a thirst in every heart
so Jesus in their lives can reign.

I pray peace will ring in this year,
and all hatred would truly end
I pray for everyone to understand
Jesus is their eternal friend.

Jeremiah 33:6
King James Version

"Behold, I will bring it health and cure,
and I will cure them, and will reveal
unto them the abundance of peace and

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