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Behold The Lamb Of God

by Margaret Cagle

For years, many animals were sacrificed
To make atonement for the sins of men,
For truly, without the shedding of blood,
There cannot be any remission of sin.

John the Baptist introduced Jesus.
"Behold the Lamb of God," he said.
"He takes away the sins of the world."
By Jesus, His disciples were led.

The disciples of Jesus followed Him.
They believed He was God's Son.
They forsook all and followed Him,
And he was only betrayed by one.

Yes, behold the holy Lamb of God!
He shed His blood for you and for me.
He arose from death and the grave,
And from sin, He can set us free.

Behold the Savior, the Lamb of God!
Accept Him as your Savior today.
Trust Him for your eternal salvation.
Follow Jesus! He's the only Way.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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