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Code of Silence

by Theodore Zendarski © 2018

Bride of Christ we will defend
We are here for Him to send
For the souls that need to mend
This unholy deception, it must end

The violated they saw fit to scare
Were told their stories not to share
Although 'twas said that they did care
Their consolation, anything but fair

Holy Spirit please send your light
Expose the secrecy to our sight
With Your power peer into the night
Be our guide throughout this fight

Through our anguish and our pain
The love of Christ we always maintain
Our souls they sought for their own gain
Decades of abuse, from sons of Cain

Can they not hear our pleading calls
That loudly echo through the holy halls
Of course their empire, it must not fall
Vowed to be defended by one and for all

The defiled who listen with open ear
Rarely hear that justice will cost dear
The very souls that should be drawn near
Are ghostly shadows in the temptor's mirror

How much faith have they wrecked then
In secret to set Barabbas free once again
To embrace the darkness as an old friend
Crucify Christ time after time, without end

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