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Gimme Some Sugar

by Theodore Zendarski © 2018

Gimme some sugar to soothe your soul
Attend to my advice and attain your goal
Rename your problem and do it with tact
Surely believe in me, I will have your back

Never mind the unseen, ignore their cries
Pay no attention to the complainers' sighs
You are free to do whatever you please
And with my guidance it will be a breeze

A person cannot be until one does it see
So abandon all concern and listen to me
If it feels good then do it you must
I know all the rules, in me you can trust

Change your nature to be like mine
Follow my steps and you will do fine
Try a new twist, it is certain to be sweet
And do not worry if the wrong ends meet

Remember our fun and good talk
When hand in hand we will walk
For when our companionship is done
You can be sure that we will be one

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