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My Desire

by Brady C Ervin

Every year about this time
A thought comes clearly to me.
Of where I was in days gone by
When you arrived for the world to see

Your Mom was big and about to pop
As we left home that morn.
With traffic slow and inching along
Driving to where you were born.

The wait was not so very long,
And then it happened and was done.
And much to my surprise,
I had a daughter and not a son.

It did not matter at that point
As I stood and watched you smile.
And I knew within my heart,
God gave us a special child.

In growing up it's hard to place,
A scale of any measure.
To judge the love and joy you brought,
It was like a new found treasure.

Now the years have come and gone,
And I contemplate the past.
I think of all the joy you brought,
And I ask God for it to last.

These days my prayer has changed a bit,
And slower I now trod.
My only aim in life now,
Is for you to know my God.

Brady C. Ervin

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