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Your Love

by Joana Marie Claveria

You have such a wonderful way to touch my heart
In confusion and despair, Your Love is an art.

I see colors inside my heart brought joy beyond words
Rainbow that speaks the wonders of Your Love, oh Lord!

In uncertainties, mulling-over to such Love is freedom
Even in the midst of war, I am an unbreakable kingdom.

Oh! Such bliss! Yes Your Love is!
To walk in the valley of death is not even a risk.

For I delight in Your Love's gentleness and might
Oh, my heart is a captive of a true Lover and Knight!

Foolish is what they call to someone like me
Being in Love to Someone still I cannot see

Oh they do not know that Love can see the unseen
Love will surely wash away the veil of sin

For Your Love is one of a kind among countless alike
And even carnal imitators impossibly reach the hike

Our love is conditional and laid for those we chose
But Yours is laid for EVERY SINNER, and still we oppose

I haven't seen You yet, but I believe in Your Love so true
For Your Love grows more real in my heart, than in this world so untrue!

My Lord, carry me by Your Grace that I may walk Your path
Your path of Love, in these days of madness and COMING WRATH.

And when that Day comes and I stand before Your Glory
May You find me bold because of Your Love that made me Holy!

Hallelujah to You God Almighty!
Your Love endures forever! Amen.

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