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I'm All You Need

by Debra Brent © 2019

Huddled in a ball of fear,
Tasting every salty tear.
Wondering what she did so wrong,
To feel such pain in a soul so young.

Tensing muscles, bloodshot eyes;
Loneliness never subsides.
Longing to run, to laugh and play,
Instead tomb like, she kneels and prays:

“Dear God above, please hear my cries.
I’ve had enough, I want to die”

“Sweet little one”, the Lord replies,
“Listen to me and dry those eyes.
The sun will shine, the pain won’t stay,
On this darkest hour, your darkest day.
For you, my child, have turned to me,
And it is I who shall carry thee.
Heart to heart, fully entwined;
Trust in my word it is now time.
Release the past, set yourself free,
From this day forward, I’m all you’ll need.”

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