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A Glorious Gift

by Roger Horsch

I looked to the sky just after the storm
So I'll tell you just what I think
I can see the oranges, reds and grays
Mixed in with the colors of pink.

I've always been amazed at the hand of God
As He created the storms in the sky
With the electrified air that smells so good
As the clouds move slowly by.

The evening storms hold the most beautiful scenes
As the sun begins to set
It mixes the colors of red and blue
And then it changes to violet.

I can see the silhouette of the distant trees
Against the sky that was heavenly made
And I'll always remember just how I felt
As the sunlight started to fade.

I can feel the peace and serenity
As the clouds began to lift
That's when I realized what I just received
I received a glorious gift.

So it doesn't really matter what I think
When I look and wonder why
'Cause this gift I received came from God Himself
As He put it in the sky.

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