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For Love of A Saviour King

by Yee Ying Yeo © 2020

O Blessed Saviour, Loving Friend
Love which hath no start nor end
Loved I thee who first did love?
All loving comes from thee above

Search my soul! O seek and find!
Uncover thou my heart and mind
Know me as thou ought to know
Make thy love in me begin to flow

If all my soul should bereft be
Of sweet rewards not given me
Let not my heart be hungry for
The sweeter, love I hunger more

Unspoken bliss, bless’d ecstasy!
To know such love, the lovelier be
Forever in love, forever to dwell
Within the love of Emmanuel

My glory be thy love alone
All glory beside shall swift begone
In the darkness love shall shine
Deep within this heart of mine

All heaven and earth to waste is laid
By precious blood the price He paid
Every crimson drop on Him I traced
With pain and love was heavy laced

The heart cannot full form the cry
To see her master suffer and die
Unspoken the agony that He bore
Unspeaking, aches to love Him more

Love alone answers the call to love
None He seeks beneath above
Suffice my heart to understand
Nothing else shall He demand

What gift shall be fit for a king?
What a cost does salvation bring?
Were all treasure of the earth be brought
Their full worth is made to nought

Rest thus I the truth to know
The love on Him I shall bestow
Is worth Him thus to satisfy
The cross that Him did crucify

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