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The Power Of A HUG

by Paula Lucas © 2019

The infinite power of a HUG with God,
securely Held Under Grace.
With our hearts completely open,
there’s no superior place.

A HUG with God is eternal.
His everlasting love is pure.
He loves us as a father.
We couldn’t be more secure.

A HUG with God is exciting.
He has planned each step we tread.
One thing we can be sure of,
it’s a huge adventure ahead.

We are far from perfect
and our troubles are large and small.
But God has got us in a HUG.
He will help us through them all.

So we should HUG God with all our hearts.
He will not leave our side.
Surrender and let him have control.
Take his hand and let him guide.

Thank you God for designing HUGs.
Tremendous power in a simple action.
They evolve in line with feelings
to an appropriate reaction.

Isn’t it amazing just to think...
God is HUGging you and me,
if we give someone a HUG today,
what the power of that HUG could be.

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