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Finding Eternity

by Mark Spencer © 2009

We tarry here but for a while
Tossed between life's grace and guile.
We rise and fall like day and night,
Guided by the dark and light.

And though the path is less than clear,
We will face it without fear,
Until our roads come to an end,
Our souls cast upon the wind.

And if our deeds in life are just,
The soul shall not fade to dust.
For righteous hearts follow the Son,
His light shines for everyone.

Yet none can enter His embrace,
Lest He look upon their face,
And see their virtues and their shame,
He will call them all by name.

And if we let our burdens go,
Then our cups will overflow.
And as He sets our spirits free,
We will find eternity.

This poem was a finalist in the July 2021 poetry contest

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