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In Memory Of Rebekah

by Margaret Cagle

Rebekah was born on Thanksgiving Day
A little over thirty-one years ago.
Her parents named her Rebekah Christine,
And we all dearly loved her so.

When Rebekah was a young child,
She accepted Jesus as her Savior.
She wanted to live her life for the Lord
And wanted to be pleasing in His favor.

Rebekah loved her parents, Judy and David.
She loved her siblings, Sarah and Adam too,
And when Rebekah became a young lady,
She learned to love somebody new.

Rebekah met Sam Witter at her church,
And she dated him for some time.
Then the two of them became engaged.
They had a wedding so very sublime.

They moved to the state of Montana
To follow God's will and His plan.
Rebekah was now a pastor's wife,
For her husband was a preacher man.

Nathanael, Miriam, Daniel, and Michael
Are Rebekah's precious little dears.
The thought of leaving her husband and kids
Must have surely caused a flow of tears.

God wiped all those tears away
When she reached that Golden Shore.
Then she met Jesus face to face
And the loved ones who've gone before.

We have so many happy memories,
And those memories we will treasure.
We love our Rebekah so very much.
We will miss her way beyond measure.

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