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Outer Darkness

by Bradley Driskill © 2018

There is a Hell, don't be deceived
A scary truth we don't want to believe.
Better to be hurt with truth than a lie,
Indulge in disbelief, you'll forever die.
Home to the fallen beast,
On unsaved souls he makes his feast.
As flesh melts off the bone,
Separation from God, forever alone.
Engulfed in flames as bodies lay on hot coal,
They cannot stop, drop and roll.
No ladder to climb out the lake of fire,
For on earth they made sin their great desire.
Lucifer stirs the pot, souls he cooks,
If only the unsaved had read the Good Book.
People don't buy the lies the world tries to sale,
Jesus isn't just some fairy tale.
How could you reject love at first sight?
For a place of fear and eternal night!
Christ died to spare you from agonizing pain,
Please don't live your life in vain.
Get yourself right on track,
When you leave earth, theres no turning back.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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