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Church Bells

by John Thorne © 2013

The church bells of England ring out with joy
Each celebrating the life of God's boy
For Jesus was born to teach us the way
To make us praise God and spread love every day

Bells welcome the faithful whenever they chime
At baptisms, weddings and each service time
It's the sound of worship happy and loud
That is used to send messages into the crowd

Christmas bells ring for the birth of God's son
Easter bells ring for his crucifixion
Whatever the festival happy or sad
The sound of church bells makes everyone glad

This important tradition we must keep alive
Every bell tower in England needs to survive
New ringers must learn this challenging art
So the sound of bells lives in everyone's heart

Let church bells ring out to proclaim God's glory
Inviting people to share loves great story
Transmitting sweet music throughout the land
Combining with angels in God's heavenly band.

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