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Tears in Thy Bottle

by Laura Kephart © 2021

Tears in Thy bottle, they began just a few
In hurting and strife, I cried out to You
Tears in Thy bottle, night day after day
The bottle filling quickly, much to my dismay

Tears in Thy bottle, life is not the same
In uncertainty and heartache, I praise Thy Only Name
Tears in Thy bottle of sadness and of joy
I've lost count but you haven't, Oh Lord

Tears in Thy bottle, Your grace is enough
Today is all I have, I will rest in Your love
Tears in Thy bottle, filling to the rim
If the bottle overflows, what happens then?

Tears in Thy bottle consist of water and salt
Flavor to the world and light to the lost
Tears in Thy bottle, overflowing, now I see
The bottle became full so You could change me

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