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Mothers Day

by Howard Tarant

What is a mother? you ask with a smile
A very special person, who goes the extra mile
She starts before breakfast, planning her day
So much work to do, not much time to play

Wake up all the kids, then listen to them moan
The eggs start to burn, and there goes the phone
The toilet over flows and you clean up the disaster
Then hubby comes in and asks what's for dinner?

Right about now, you're ready to scream
Your blood pressures up, and you're feeling real mean
You go to the bedroom, stub your toe with the door
You look up to God, and say, I can't take any more

Back to the kitchen, you go with a grin
Two kids are arm wrestling and one yells I win
Plates from the table, smash on to the floor
Then all the kids scatter, right out the front door

Breakfast is finished, thank God you do say
Here comes the bus, to take the children away
Hubby drives out leaving you with the mess
You get on your knees and to God you confess

You ask God why me? What did I do wrong?
Then He answers back, in a poem an a song
Mother oh mother, yes that's what you are
It all started with Eve, in a land from afar

Two children she bore, it all started back then
There was Adam and Eve, Then another two men
Right from the beginning, a mother had pain
Had to listen to three men, argue and complain

It's no different today, in this age that we live
Everyone keeps taking, but mother's give and give
Today is the day that mothers are honoured
You got to sleep in and not be bothered

Breakfast in bed, Burnt toast and raw eggs
The juice is knocked over, sends chills down your legs
You look up at your family, with a big smile on your face
And then you thank God, for all of His grace

You remember the good times, the fair and the norm
God took you through, all the winds of the storm
All the hard work, which you put in all year
Happy mother's day to you, you deserve a big cheer

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