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The Maid

by Mark Spencer © 1994

I got a phone call today
That I did not expect.
He told me He was Jesus,
Which couldn't be correct.

"I'm coming for a visit",
That's what I heard Him say.
I asked when to expect Him,
He said, "Later today".

I fumbled through the phone book,
I had to find a maid.
My house was full of clutter,
And my bed wasn't made.

I found someone for the job,
Who could come right away.
She worked for several hours,
It nearly took all day.

But she removed the clutter,
And then was on her way.
That was when I realized
That I forgot to pay.

But Jesus would soon be here,
Though He was running late.
I stayed awake past midnight,
But sleep just couldn't wait.

I felt so disappointed,
I wanted to believe
That He would really visit.
Perhaps I was naïve.

And then another phone call,
Awoke me from my rest.
I wondered who was calling.
Was this my wayward guest?

He said "Hello, it's Jesus,
And I just want to say,
That I enjoyed my visit,
To your home yesterday".

I said: Lord, I am confused,
That's not what I recall.
I waited up for hours,
But you weren't here at all.

He said, "You are mistaken,
For many hours I stayed.
I put your house in order,
For I came as a maid."

This poem was a finalist in the July 2021 poetry contest

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