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New Path

by Clinton Herring © 2021

From Adam's fall this life's a stall.
and none have made it through.
The stain of sin, we're all such kin
God's word does speak, it's true.

Of all the men in life who swim
Only one came through for God.
It's Christ the Son, the victory won,
when He walked upon this sod.

So we were lost and storm wave tossed
and death our place of rest.
But God above, with grace and love
did count us with the blessed?!

Christ here to talk and then to walk
God's narrow path to life.
On us His blood poured out the flood
That conquered this world's strife.

For us He died, in Him we abide.
He takes our sin away.
So let Him in, new heart He'll pen,
my hope for all, I pray.

His love is strong and lasting long.
His mercy He will send.
Take heart and ask, in heaven you'll bask
eternal to the end.

So He's our covering, His spirit now hovering
that hides us from God's wrath.
Sweet joy it is to walk as His
and follow His new path!

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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