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by Debra Boyle © 2021

Clouds "...every cloud is a flag to your faithfulness." Psalms 57:10 The Message

There's a show above my head,
Moving pictures, words unsaid;
Starring clouds--the major role,
A varied cast form the whole.

Backdrop curtains: miles of space,
Their hues of blue keeping pace;
With turning Earth and winds' gusts,
The setting's clear, the stage just.

Act one opens right at dawn,
Wispy clouds dance like a fawn;
Through the sky, the dance is praise,
"Another day!" praises raise.

Act two's next, and starts at noon,
The sun brings its heated tune;
Each cloud brings shade for the land,
To cool, spare--a comfort hand.

Act three's later in the day,
Storm cloud thunder comes to say;
"Applause, God reigns over all!"
Dry land drinks up God's rainfall.

Act four brings us to seasons,
Clouds working, showing reasons;
To still bring water through ice,
Clean white snow, or frost like rice.

Final act is at sun's set,
When low sun rays are then met;
At banks of clouds--a huge screen,
Projecting red and pink beams.

Never constant, always new,
Skies above from red to blue;
Yet, the theme's always the same,
"God Creator-- God, His name!"

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