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The Poppy

by John Thorne © 2016

The poppy aids remembrance of lives lost long ago
When comrades joined together to fight the common foe
Nearly everyone convinced themselves the cause was right and just
But families were left to grieve for lives turned into dust

Now with hindsight we can ask was conflict justified
Or was the government confused or had they even lied
Politicians are always safe far from the fighting zone
With their friends and family in safety back at home

The task for our armed forces is to keep these islands safe
Why should we fight on foreign soil it's really not our place
When we intervene in conflicts we make our safety worse
We just breed lots of enemies and the terrorism curse

Government must realize that when they choose to fight
With the benefit of hindsight the cause is rarely right
Diplomacy and compromise should always be the way
Ensuring that the nations peace will always win the day

Our Saviour tried to teach us to turn the other cheek
To try and love our enemies is anything but weak
Until we learn to spread his word and love as he loves us
More poppies will be symbols for lives turned into dust

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