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Who is Jesus?

by Kevin Smead © 2005

The Bread of Life, the Door, the Way,
The Living Water too;
The Lord and Master we obey,
The Faithful and the True.

The First, the Last, the Lion, the Lamb,
The Beginning and the End;
Mighty to save, the Great I Am,
The Light, the sinner’s friend.

Son of God and Son of Man,
Son of David too;
The promised seed of Abraham,
The Prince of Peace, the Truth.

The Lily of the Valley,
Lord of Lord and King of kings;
The altogether lovely,
Man of Sorrows and Day Spring.

Rose of Sharon, Mediator,
Mighty God, the Counselor;
The Alpha and Omega,
And Zion’s Deliverer.

Beloved, Shiloh, Wonderful,
The Good, the Great Shepherd;
Messiah, Christ, Emmanuel,
And God’s eternal Word.

The image of the Father,
The Bridegroom, the Church’s Head;
The Holy Child, the Morning Star,
The Judge of quick and dead.

The Branch, the Vine, the Anchor,
Our prophet, priest and King;
The Advocate, Creator,
The maker of all things.

The Author of Salvation,
The Sun of Righteousness;
The Cornerstone, the one foundation,
Jesus of Nazareth.

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