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by Peter Fraser © 2007

What can you do with an empty space,
That hides in a dark and unseen place,
It nags and it aches for something inside,
To fill up the hole where God once did abide.

It drives us to want, to seek more and more,
To store up riches where there was none before,
Piles of possessions and a really big house,
A big fancy car and the best looking spouse.

Gemstones and gold, baubles by the ton,
The latest technology, a life filled with fun,
Mistresses, girlfriends and lovers abound,
Sell your own soul, no peace can be found.

Drink till you drop and stoned out on drugs,
Sip scotch from the bottle and beer from the jug,
Parties and revelry, dancing all night,
Pass out and vomit, become quite a sight.

Hooning in cars for a quick dangerous thrill,
Racing and speeding, you know the drill,
Extreme sports take you right to the edge,
Walking in places Angels fear to tread.

Distractions abound on this world which we live,
Where most people take and very few give,
While you're trying real hard to fill up that hole,
You're missing the point, way off the goal.

Put away the nonsense, stand still for a while,
Become like an innocent, truth seeking child,
Look up into Heaven and say "I Surrender"'
And God will fill up that hole forever.

There is nothing worse than going through life, living the life of a Dog, fulfilling the needs of the body. Only concerned with what you can get for yourself so you can collect lots of "things" and tell yourself that life is good and successful. Only concerned with good food, good sex and good times so that your life is too full of distractions to worry about that big hole that is in your heart. You know the hole…..The one that causes you, no, drives you to never stop seeking bigger and better things. If you keep yourself busy with worldly things and have everything you ever could want you will still never be truly happy. That hole in everybody is embedded in our genetic makeup and it has been there since we were kicked out of Eden. Only one thing can fill it…..Relationship with our Heavenly Father. All want disappears in the comforting blanket of his Grace. Seek it…….Find it………Keep it, for it will will never rot or diminish unlike earthly things.

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