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by Peter Fraser © 2018

As I walk down the street I see men holding hands
The sun glints off their brand-new wedding bands
They walk with a swagger and a confident gait
Without thinking at all of their ultimate fate
They're buried too deep in their lifestyle of choice
Still a minority but with a very loud voice
Yelling of freedom to love whomever they will
And a weak world bends to give them their fill.

I see Two Women arm in arm down the Main Street
On their way to a party at the local beat
One is tragically trying to look like a man
Dishonouring their bodies, they don't understand
To go against nature is a terrible thing
But they don't seem to care about the consequences it could bring
As long as they are free to do as they desire
And the world affirms them and stokes its own fire.

Gender freedom and equality is the slogans they shout
Be what you want to be just let your real self come out
Invent your own gender and impose it on others
Fathers become Sisters and Sisters become Brothers
You are what you're born with genders already assigned
But they are ruled by their passions and to common sense blind
Children are taught this is acceptable at school
Political correctness is rife the pastime of fools.

But it is not enough for them to Pursue their foul lusts
Now they want to have children it's becoming a must
So they can appear normal and they can feel like all others
But the children will suffer with two dads or two mothers
They will never be normal they'll stand out in the crowd
There will be problems and therapy and an identity cloud
And the government says that this is allowed
but God will avenge them and humble the proud.

A world truly gone mad now rolls in its own spew
The moral majority have given way to the protesting few
God has given them over to a reprobate mind
Things will only get worse I think you will find
As this world catapults itself towards a foul end
All Sinners will drive themselves right around the bend
They belittle and persecute those who disagree
Because what actually is sin, they like to call free

But Jesus is coming to righteously rule Earth
He will judge all our actions and consider our worth
And all those who excluded God from their lives
With same sex Husbands and same sex Wives
And those who've corrupted the souls of the child
On all Trans gender people the wrath will be piled
Also all kinksters, perverts and rebellious youth
For they did not consider or listen to the truth

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