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by Peter Fraser © 1998

In the world that we know, a world in decline,
People seek wealth and luxuries fine,
God is replaced by material things,
People search for escape from reality's sting.

But the things that are sought become paramount,
Until nothing else matters, God doesn't count,
Time has hardened man's heart to God's love,
All he sees now is the stars up above.

Home entertainment is a prominent distraction,
The stereo for company, the TV for action,
The VCR keeps us up to date and groovy,
God's been replaced by the Hollywood movie.

Computers are sought after items these days,
3d action games with guns ablaze,
Surfing the net until dawn every night,
God's been replaced by the gigabyte.

Pop stars are worshipped as idols today,
Adoring fans faint at the music they play,
Their names up in lights, their posters look neat,
God's been replaced by the Rock'n'Roll beat.

Our athletes get better with each passing year,
They're paraded through town and the crowds clap and cheer,
They're looked up to and honoured with rigid tenacity,
God's been replaced by the Sports Personality.

The Planet is dying, the Ozone is shot,
Think green and hug trees before it all goes to pot,
Summits are held the entire world's girth,
God's been replaced by Mother Earth.

The powers of nature are harnessed for use,
The New Age of man has been turned loose,
We seek power from forces we cannot discern,
God's been replaced by man's self concern.

The world as a whole must realise the fact,
That the absence of God is what's holding it back,
Turn away from the idols and seek the Lord's face,
So that when the end comes you wont be disgraced.

Partake of all things, but be slave to none,
And realise the Lord Jesus Christ as the one,
Who came here to die to free you from sin,
So turn from idolatry and let God's work begin.

Don't be a slave to anything of the world. Everything was created for us to enjoy but it was created without the intention of taking our attention away from God. The unsaved seek out these things to fill the hole in their lives but those of us in the Church are supposed to know better. We must know the difference between enjoyment of God's creation and idolatry.

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