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by Peter Fraser © 2000

To the man who would preach, keep the Word within reach,
For false doctrines abound, though they may appear sound,
And if these you believe, then your heart is deceived,
So as you share and expound these bad teachings around,
The sheep that you feed, will receive the wrong seed,
And when they are in Hell, all who ask they will tell,
By you they were led, their blood's on your head.

To the man who would write, you must stay in the light,
Lest your pages of words become seen and not heard,
For what is the good, if you're misunderstood,
So if for truth you would stand, get your head out of the sand,
Turn your back on the fame, magnify the Lord's name,
Let all those who read, see you're not ruled by greed,
For if the wrong way they tread, their blood's on your head.

To the man who would sing, you must look to the King,
For the music you play, can lead folks astray,
If you're into the hype of today's popular tripe,
So forget worldly ways and turn your efforts to praise,
Don't encourage your fans to sit on their hands,
Lift your voice to the Lord, so that he is adored,
Because if they seek you instead, their blood's on your head.

To the Fathers of Kids, keep the Lord in your midst,
For you're head of the house, even over your spouse,
So if any should stray, you're the one who will pay,
Don't just sit back and watch the enemy attack,
Protect them with prayer and show them you care,
Be fair and be firm and God's ways they will learn,
For if their spirits aren't fed, their blood's on your head.

To have a ministry is a wonderful thing. It is a Heaven sent responsibility that enables us to share the Word of God with others in a variety of different ways. But along with the joys of and satisfaction that such a ministry can bring, comes the very real and ever present fact that we are 100% responsible for every word and action that may influence others. So, if you are in a position of leadership within a church, make sure that your message and teachings are spot on correct and line up with the word. The same goes for Evangelists, Counsellors, Singers/Musicians, Writers, etc, for the blood of those who are deceived by incorrect doctrines rests solely on the heads of those who put them on the wrong path. However it is a wonderful thing to be under the grace of God, for we are all human and as such we all make mistakes. It is the unrepentant and stiff necked that will have a lot to answer for on the day of the Lord.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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