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My Song of Praise

by Deborah Smith Plemmons © 2018

If I could sing
My song of praise,
I'd shout it out;
My voice I'd raise.

I thank You, Lord;
I praise Your name.
To always please You,
Is my daily aim.

As I wake up
Each and every morn,
I thank You, Lord
That I was born.

You saved my soul;
You forgave my sin.
Because of Christ,
I've been born again.

I go to You
And humbly pray,
Asking, trusting You
To guide my day.

I read Your Word;
I will be fed.
I will not fear,
If by You I'm led.

My every need,
You daily meet.
Supplying clothes
And food to eat.

Lord, You've blessed
My family and me.
A godly heritage
Makes You happy.

You gave me friends
To be helpful.
They encourage me;
I'm most grateful.

I want to be
A faithful witness;
Sharing Your Word
Of hope and goodness.

My Song of Praise
Can only be,
To the One above,
The Lord, Almighty!

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