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by Peter the Poet © 1996

Like ships that pass at dangers door,
We need the lighthouse upon the shore.
Jesus is that pure and perfect light,
That guides our way through darkest night.

Through jagged rocks and hidden reef,
Past circling sharks with bloodied teeth.
Jesus is the compass, true and straight,
That provides safe passage past Hell's gate.

Into the maelstroms eye and out again,
Through hurricane and torrential rain.
Jesus is our cover that keeps us dry,
A protective net under a hostile sky.

When tidal waves roll and threaten to drown,
When the rip tides are strong and throw us around.
Jesus is the vest that keeps us afloat,
Around our castle a defensive moat.

When the fog settles in and we cant see the way,
There's no breeze in our sails and clouds are grey.
Jesus Christ is our eyes and the comforting wind,
The only escape for those who have sinned.

So when waters are rough and waves are high,
Believe on the Lord and assistance is nigh.
Be strong in his Word. Have faith to the brim,
And be a good saint and learn how to swim.

What can I say about the Son of God who came to Earth as a man to die, so all mankind could be reunited with their Heavenly Father? To the sinner he is the one and only way that leads to spiritual life and to those already covered by his Grace, he is the one and only safe harbour when the waters of life get a bit choppy. Brothers and Sisters I say to you now, Raise your hands, bow your heads, if you haven't already, and thank the Lord for being there for us, because he always is.

This poem won second place for the August 2021 poetry contest

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