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by Peter Fraser © 2005

The day of the trial has come about,
The Angels are reaping, North and South,
All sinners are queued awaiting their turn,
To be judged, to be thrown, forever to burn.

One looks to the other for courage and support,
But no other cares, compassion is nought,
They have their own terrors, sorrow and cares,
The full weight of the law on their shoulders they bear.

As the line shortens ones restlessness grows,
Is that sulphur he smells with his spiritual nose?
What's going to happen? What'll become of me?
What lies ahead? What can there be?

Begging and screams can be heard from up front,
But the line still moves forward without incident or stunt,
He can't stop his movement, there's no place to run,
At last he's arrived. His judgements begun.

Flat on his face before the God he ignored,
Restrained by Angels with flaming swords,
Tears of fear flowing from terrified eyes,
As he listens to those who preceded him cry.

The order is given to open the books,
For a sign of his name the Angels look,
When nothing is found, his life comes under scrutiny,
Every sin is remembered and his spiritual mutiny.

The command is heard for him to be taken,
And cast into the lake of eternal damnation,
Trembling and pleading, he screams his contrition,
Too late to avert punishment for a life of perdition.

As he falls from the Heavens to torture below,
Banished and forsaken, with the others he'll go,
To a Christ-less eternity where tears will be shed,
Forgotten, ignored, spiritually dead.

For pity's sake don't let this happen to you,
Find the truth in the Bible and live to pursue,
The path to redemption and freedom from fear,
Live forever with God, in your heart hold him near.

Close your eyes and picture a close relative or friend who is not saved, then put them in the queue with all the other sinners. It's very upsetting to think of your Spouse or Mother in this terrible position isn't it. Although the long queue is an unlikely scenario, the feelings of the sinner on the Lord's day described above are spot on. Wouldn't it be terrible for us or our families to know the terror of the Lord for the sake of one mistake. We must be quick to confess sin and seek forgiveness lest that day come upon us as a thief.

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